F1 2018 – Patch 1.15

Ontem, 03/12/2018, a Codemasters disponibilizou na Steam o Patch 1.14. As versões para PS4 e Xbox devem ser disponibilizadas em breve.

  • Safety Rating and Skill Rank should no longer reset on Xbox One.

  • Fixed several issues where spectators and players could get stuck in a perpetual load state in multiplayer.

  • The Safety Car/Virtual Safety Car should no longer trigger after a flashback.

  • Fixed an issue where teams would value showmanship and sportsmanship incorrectly in contract negotiations.

  • Wheels should no longer feel like they are losing power/force feedback mid race.

  • Near/far chase camera should no longer jump when entering and exiting the pits.

  • Fanatec CSL Elite should be able to be calibrated correctly after a fresh boot.

  • Rev lights should now function correctly on Fanatec CSL Elite on PC.

  • Trigger rumble option “Auto” should now work as intended on PC.

  • Frame rate capping should now reach the maximum FPS cap on PC.

  • Various stability and performance fixes.


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