🎮 Confira as atualizações da Build do jogo KartKraft

Hello Karting Enthusiasts,

The new version of KartKraft is already out on Steam! We are more than happy to share the full list of changes with you. Please let us know how you like all the latest improvements.

New Features
Added native support for OculusVR including ASW 2.0

Updated Unreal Engine to 4.21
Performance improvements
Migrated to a new production server
Fixed input detection issue caused by a conflict with SteamVR overlay

Known issues
This build is the precursor to several releases building up to the initial versions of multiplayer and customisation. Over 350 changes/fixes have been made that may have introduced new bugs or regressions. If you discover any issues, please let us know on Discord[discord.gg] or the Steam forums so we can fix them.

As always, we’re reading all of your posts, reviews and comments and are addressing your issues as fast as we can. If you would like to support KartKraft even more and help it turn it into the game we all want it to be, we’d love to read your honest Steam reviews which lets us see where to focus our development efforts.


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